Founded in 1991, CLEAN GULF serves the spill response industry in prevention, preparedness, and response. It gives response professionals a forum to come together with their peers to discuss case studies and lessons-learned from both recent and past incidents and discover the latest technologies advancing the industry. Attendees will walk away with new strategies, solutions, and working relationships that will effectively arm them for future incidents. 

The CLEAN GULF Conference & Exhibition is part of the CLEAN Event portfolio, which includes the CLEAN WATERWAYS Conference and the CLEAN PACIFIC Conference, and is owned and managed by Access Intelligence, LLC.

CLEAN Events

The CLEAN Events were created to serve the spill response industry in prevention, preparedness, and response by hosting a forum that facilitates an open exchange of ideas, case studies, and best practices for stakeholders from government, environmental, emergency planning and response industries throughout maritime, facilities, rail and pipeline. While the nature of each event is similar, each one draws a unique audience based on the physical response environment and regional differences, allowing attendees to build necessary and important working relationships prior to an incident occurring. View CLEAN Events website here.

Access Intelligence

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